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Jewelry is a form of Expression

Whether it is to express your love for someone, your faith, your membership in an organization, or your self ... all jewelry is a form of expression in one way or another.

We take the time to work with you and ask you questions. You can show us images and we can show you ideas in order to get a feel for your style and how you'd like your custom jewelry piece to look. When we work with you to create a piece of custom jewelry, it is indeed designed with you in mind.

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Our two designers have combined training and design experience of over 38 years!

During our visit together, we will determine your style and what appeals to you, whether online or in the store. By the time we are done, the piece will be something YOU have created. We just help you to sketch it out! The design will be distinctively yours reflecting and expressing your unique style.

At Roemer Originals we use only the most highly skilled craftsmen and shops to create your one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. When you own a Roemer Original, you can take pride in knowing that you are wearing one of the finest pieces of custom jewelry made in the world today.

We hope you will give us an opportunity to show you how the Roemer experience is so very different than that of the typical jewelry store. Come check us out. Roemer Originals ... where you make the difference.

Since 1975

From the start, as Monterey Metal Arts, on Cannery Row in Southern California, a purist approach to design and quality has always been first and foremost. In 1975 Bruce Roemer, sculptor and owner of Monterey Metal Arts, made his full time commitment to fine jewelry by opening Roemer Originals in his hometown of St. Charles, Missouri. Over the years Bruce designed beautiful custom pieces and invented and patented many innovative and functional design ideas that became part of the Roemer reputation that we still continue today. In 2001, I joined the team as a designer, GIA Certified diamond grader and appraiser. After years of dedication, Bruce retired from the business in April of 2005 and I purchased the store to carry Roemer Originals into the future with the same great quality and service. Tom joined me and earned his Graduate Gemologist degree from the GIA and has become irreplaceable as a designer and salesman, and Chris, also a G.G., helps round out our team part time on our sales staff.  We are proud to serve you for all of your fine jewelry needs and thank you for giving us the opportunity.

Also serving the cities of Cottleville, Wentzville, Weldon Springs, St. Peters, and O'Fallon.

St Charles jewelry, Roemer Custom jewelry, St Charles diamonds, Engagement rings, diamonds, custom original jewelry, wedding bands, St. Charles fine jewelry , original jewelry designs

Melinda Nolan

Melinda was born and raised in Florissant, Missouri. Her love for sparkly things started at a very young age when her parents owned their small business, Countryside Gardens Nursery, and she would play in the large rock beds that were used for landscaping and look for the most sparkly rocks. What increased in interest turned into a growing hobby, and as a young adult Melinda took classes through the community college and through Craft Alliance in University City to learn glass blowing and fusing, wax carving and casting, metal smithing and basic bench skills. After getting her business degree at Northeast Missouri State University, and being in outside sales and marketing positions in various industries for a decade, Melinda thought it would be fun to actually try jewelry as a career, and there was no place she wanted to work more than Roemer Originals. “What inspires me most about jewelry is to be able to create that one-of-a-kind-piece that really reflects what a person wants out of that piece. Roemer’s has always specialized in doing just that.” Over the years, and since purchasing the store in 2005, Melinda has had to adjust the business model with the changing economy and gold markets and the buying habits of the customers. “We’ve added lot’s of Sterling Silver into the mix. We work in sterling in our custom pieces now, which we didn’t used to do. We also have some wonderful new designer lines that we carry in sterling that compliment our own brand, in the fact that they are quite unique and exceptionally well made.” “Keeping up with the technology demands of our consumers is our next biggest challenge in today's marketplace. We want to make it as simple as possible for everyone to interact with us but still offer the exceptional service that we have always been known for.” Melinda wants to thank you for considering Roemer Originals as your personal jeweler and wants you to know that we will always do everything possible to merit your trust. Read more about Melinda in her SAINT CHARLES BUSINESS cover story...

St Charles jewelry, Roemer Custom jewelry, St Charles diamonds, Engagement rings, diamonds, custom original jewelry, wedding bands, St. Charles fine jewelry , original jewelry designs

Tom C. Nolan

Tom was born in Anchorage, Alaska, but was raised in the St. Louis area since he was 3 years old. A graduate from Troy Senior High in 2003, Tom has worked in several retail and customer service positions since he was sixteen. He started in the jewelry industry in January of 2005 thinking it might be a fun and interesting industry to learn with lots of directions available for his future. Since then he continued to work toward his associate's degree at Saint Charles Community College. Tom has also achieved certificates in Basic Bench Repairs and Basic Stone Setting through the New Approach School of Jewelry. In January of 2008, Tom went to Los Angeles, California to attend school at the Gemological Institute of America to earn his Graduate Gemologist degree. His G.G. certification has given him the training to identify all of the various gemstones using different pieces of laboratory equipment and the microscope. This is one of the most respected degrees that can be earned in the jewelry industry. While in LA, he also stayed on at the GIA campus to take a 10 week design and rendering course and after finishing decided to stay on for another 6 months to work in a jewelry store in Malibu, California. Working near the beach and serving stars like Cindy Crawford, Victoria Principal, and Martin Sheen, to name a few, was definitely an experience of a lifetime. In May of 2009, Tom returned home and re-joined our team at Roemer's with all of his newly acquired experience and education. His vast array of skills enable him to help the customers in identifying stones, evaluating pieces, repairing, and designing jewelry. With all of Tom's training, creativity, and wonderful people skills, he will continue to be very successful in the jewelry industry and we are very proud to have him back. I like the friendly, helpful and educated people that I work with. I also like the patented features and unique style of Roemer's pieces and being a part of the design and repair process." Tom wants people to know that we have "something for everyone". "We also have a very warm and friendly atmosphere with NO pressure, because we don't work on commission." That means, if you need some time to think about it, we're just as friendly then as we are when you walk in. We are just there to help, not to "sell" you.

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Christine Meyers

Chris was born and raised in St. Louis and presently resides in Crestwood with her husband, Jeff. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri with a Bachelors degree in Business and has been in the jewelry industry now for 4 years. Chris started with Roemer's as one of our part time employees in October of 2008. She has earned her Accredited Jewelry Professional degree through the Gemological Institute of America and has also completed her Color Stone coursework and her Gem Identification Certificate through the GIA. Chris is very outgoing and loves to help people. She enjoys being a jewelry "matchmaker"…finding just the right piece for the right customer. "It's such a pleasure seeing people come back time after time, and even the second generations are coming into Roemer's now for their wedding rings. I especially love the stories behind the jewelry. So many pieces are passed down for generations…and I get to be part of the creation of some of those keepsakes." Chris enjoys the team atmosphere that we have here and that we try to serve everyone's needs. "I love the fact that everyone who walks through the door at Roemer's is treated equally with respect and kindness. Our staff works as hard for a customer with a small budget as they do for a major custom job for another customer." It's great to have Chris as a part of our Roemer team.

Kali Buddenhagen

Kali is our newest addition to the Roemer team. She joined us as part of our part time staff in 2018 and is part of the Nolan family, being Melinda’s step daughter, and Tom’s sister. While Kali may be new to the jewelry industry, customer service is not a new concept to her. She’s not only a chef with her diploma in Culinary Management, but she’s also run her own online retail small boutique in women’s clothing, so her skills in taking care of customers in both of these areas have transferred nicely into being able to serve our customers well at Roemer’s. When I asked her what she liked most about joining our team, she said, “I love the cozy atmosphere of the place and being able to learn something new everyday from family while helping the customers. It’s a job that gives me an opportunity to constantly learn and grow while allowing me to serve our next friend who comes to see us.” “My absolute favorite part of working here, is seeing the excitement and joy in the customer’s eyes when their ideas and designs come to life or even when their rings are simply cleaned and reveal their true sparkle! That never gets old.”

"Great customer service, quick to reply to phone calls and concerns, quick turn-around when we ship our jewelry back for cleaning/re-sizing/etc. Even though we have moved from the area, we still consider Roemer Originals "our jeweler". When it is time to get a new piece, or have my wedding set "upgraded' we will return and make a weekend trip out of our visit back to Roemer." ----------
- Julie, Illinois