Estate Jewelry


Roemer Originals handles some estate jewelry in the case.  Most of the estate jewelry is one of two things, either Roemer pieces that we have on consignment that we are trying to sell for our customers, or pieces that we have purchased from our customers that we thought our other customers might have an interest in buying.

Either way, these estate pieces offer a good opportunity for you, as a shopper, to get a deal.  The way we price these pieces is always to pass along the savings.  On the consignment pieces, we price the Roemer pieces just on parts, no labor.  So if you were to build that custom piece today, it would cost you substantially more to make it.  By doing this, we’re giving the buyer a good price and also helping our old customer to sell the Roemer piece that for some reason, they need to part with.

On the non-Roemer estate pieces, we price it based on our purchase price.  When we’re buying something pre-loved, we always need to buy it lower so that we can sell it lower and give you a better deal.  So, our pre-loved items are priced as-is, but priced to move and make someone new love them!

If you have some estate items that you would like us to consider, we will always take a look. They need to be in reasonable condition and/or we may consider just a large diamond, too.  We’ll be very fair and honest with you and give you the best offer that we can.  Please don’t come in expecting appraisal or retail price, though.  A realistic expectation might be more like 20 - 40% of what you paid originally.