Repair Services

At Roemer Originals we can handle most repairs on your fine jewelry. This includes repairs on gold, platinum, and most sterling silver items.   We need to see the item to determine each situation as not all things can be repaired.  A list of things that Roemer Originals can do in most cases:

  • Watch battery replacement

  • Watch link removal

  • Ring sizing

  • Soldering breaks in shank

  • Soldering chain

  • Laser welding

  • Retipping of prongs

  • Replacement of prong setting on rings

  • Reshank of rings

  • Resetting of stones

  • Diamond replacement

  • Colored stone replacement

  • Rebuilding of channel walls

  • Rhodium plating

  • Polishing and refinishing

  • Tightening of stones

  • Pearl restringing

We have qualified and reputable jewelers that work on our pieces that have been working in the industry for decades.  They do not, however, work in our building. All jewelry is insured and will be handled with the utmost care until it is back in your hands.  Repair turn around is typically a week to ten days.

Repairs are held in our safe until the time of pickup.  If repairs are not picked up within a reasonable amount of time, we do make follow up calls to remind our customers of their repaired items.  If, however, repaired items are left for over one year after the time of repair without being paid for, Roemer Originals reserves the right to scrap said items to recover the cost of the repair and make space for current items in the safe.