Shipping Instructions

You must contact us prior to shipping your items to receive an emailed label from us to ship by UPS.  This is how we allow you to utilize our insurance program and provide you with greatly reduced costs to ship and insure your items to us. We will simply bill you through your repair or custom job for the shipping at whatever rate we are charged.  We do not markup our shipping charges.

Please follow the shipping and packaging instructions below so that your item/items are insured.  We cannot be held responsible if you do not follow these instructions properly and an item gets lost during shipping.

Please take clear photos of the jewelry items that you are sending (taken against a white sheet of paper) and email them to prior to sending your items. This way you will have photos for your records and we will know what is coming.  Enclose the “Outside Jewelry/Stones Form” and any other relevant certifications or paperwork inside the box.

You must put your jewelry box inside of a small box and then put the small box inside of a larger box. Pad packs are NOT ACCEPTABLE and are not covered by insurance. We actually use two Ups express boxes (like a small express box and a medium express box) when we package our items, but you can use any strong, cardboard boxes. Please be sure to include your contact information inside the box with your jewelry.

The inner box label goes on the inner box and the outer box label gets taped to the outside. Please tape the ends of the outside box, also.

When you drop the box off at the UPS store, you do not need to ask for insurance or to disclose anything about the package, you simply need to ask for a drop off receipt.

That’s all you need. The insurance runs through an outside carrier. Not through UPS. So not even UPS realizes it’s a high value package. That cuts down on theft within the shipping organizations tremendously. That is also why we use our corporate name, Melan Expressions, for shipping labels rather than our retail store name.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.