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"There are a lot of places to purchase jewelry, but who wants what everyone else has? It is so nice to be able to tell someone what you want and have your expectations exceeded. We couldn't be happier and have a ring like no other. Thank you." ----------

Joyce & Dwayne Missouri

"The first time I entered Roemer Originals I was thrilled to see actual "originals" and creative design at work. It certainly was not the traditional jewelry store and I knew immediately I would be taken in by all the unique selections. Next, I discovered they would actually design what 'I' wanted instead of ordering out of a magazine which is a big plus. the salesman are friendly and knowledgeable but are not intimidated when they need to explore deeper to find my answers. Roemer Originals is devoted to meet my standards above and beyond!" ----------

Linda Missouri

"Customer service is excellent no matter who I deal with. The quality is superb. I live in NY, but came to you to make my wedding set and you have since helped me to update some of my grandmothers pieces since she passed a few years ago. I will not let anyone else touch any of my valuable pieces because I know & trust your work and opinion. I am always 100% pleased with everything I have done from little to big." ----------

Beth New York

"I have never purchased jewelry before, and I came to this store on referral from family to purchase an engagement/wedding ring for my fiance (now wife). Not only was the service in helping me pick the right ring impeccable, but I was also given a free education on what I need to look for as far as quality should I ever try to purchase any jewelry in the future (at Roemer's or anywhere else). Also, the selection and craftsmanship at this store, after comparing to other stores, is exceptional." ----------

Bryan Missouri

"Your service is outstanding. I bought my wife's first ring and then upgraded to a real, one of a kind creation that she gets compliments on regularly. Every time we've come in we feel like family, are treated as such and always leave with a ring that shines like new after you clean it. We wouldn't buy jewelry from any one else." ----------

George Missouri

"They truly care about each customer and the attention to detail is amazing! Finest jewelry establishment in St. Louis." ----------

Ann Missouri

"Original designs, impeccable workmanship, and friendly and personal service. Love the atmosphere of the store." ----------

Carla Missouri

"Customer service, great creativity, eagerness to work with the client to achieve their vision for a custom designed piece, friendliness of the staff...I continue to get compliments on the ring and necklace that Melinda designed for me. They are my two favorite pieces and I wear them nearly every day." ----------

Jo Missouri

"Great customer service, amazing quality, and reasonable prices. We shopped around at several jewelers prior to choosing Roemer's. The originality of my ring as well as the quality was superior to any of the other establishments we visited!" ----------

Sabrina Illinois

"Excellent service! Service continues long after the sale! Genuinely loyal to the customer! High quality jewelry you'll be sure to love for a lifetime." ----------

Lori Missouri

"Personally, I loved the ability to have so much say in the creativity that went into my ring. I have been part of the process from inception through its creation and now have the joy of wearing it. When I wear my ring other people take notice of it and are always asking where it came from because it is so extraordinary." ----------

Sara Missouri

"I am a ring person. Roemer's has designed five rings for me, one for my daughter, and several for my friends. I am often asked "where did you find such a beautiful ring?" I am always pleased to share with them the name and location of your specialty shop. I just say, 'It's a Roemer's. They are in St. Charles!'" ----------

Shirley Missouri

"Roemer Originals has assisted us in designing three rings. My engagement ring and wedding band are one of a kind and I always get tons of compliments. It is a gorgeous ring but what I absolutely love about it, is that it is so unique. They are never pushy. Melinda will go out of her way to make sure you are satisfied and happy with your purchase. Melinda has even met with me on a day when the store was closed because I was in such a time crunch. Everyone at Roemer Originals is always very friendly and helpful." ----------

Sara Missouri

"Impeccable taste with great prices equals the best value I have ever found in custom jewelry " ----------

Rob Missouri

"The staff at Roemer's is experienced, they are not pushy and work hard to meet the customers' needs. Service after the sale is always as good as when they are trying to make the sale. I can't think of anything more I would want from a jewelry experience." ----------

Jody Missouri

"My Roemer Original wedding set is 22 years old and my Roemer Original Anniversary wrap is 2 years old. I look at the rings multiple times a day and marvel at how pretty they are. I am extremely happy that we chose Roemer Originals!" ----------

Guyda North Carolina

"From the moment you walk in the door, it's like walking into a 5 star hotel. You walk into the beautiful showroom and they treat you like you're the only one!" ----------

Robin Louisiana

"Excellent product knowledge. They always know what looks the best and have outstanding recommendations. Delivery time as promised. Great people to work with. A person will never go wrong working with Roemer Originals and their staff." ----------

Matthew North Carolina

"We keep coming back because you are the best! The quality of your items is unmatched. Your customer service is off the charts!" ----------

Russ & Dianne Illinois

"I live out of state and the service, communication, and professionalism that I got from the staff was phenomenal." ----------

Sean Michigan

"Love the service and the atmosphere. Designed and awarded company rings for our employees after they'd met certain sales objectives. The employees without them want to meet their objectives, too, so they can 'join the club'." ----------

Ken Missouri

"I love the unique jewelry & quality. I have 5 custom designed Roemer's Rings...I will only shop at Roemer's for my fine jewelry. I love showing them off & receiving compliments! The staff is very friendly & helpful and know me by name and I always feel welcome. Thanks for the great service!" ----------

Louise Missouri

"Great customer service, quick to reply to phone calls and concerns, quick turn-around when we ship our jewelry back for cleaning/re-sizing/etc. Even though we have moved from the area, we still consider Roemer Originals "our jeweler". When it is time to get a new piece, or have my wedding set "upgraded' we will return and make a weekend trip out of our visit back to Roemer." ----------

Julie Illinois

"Staff are extraordinarily helpful and work to ensure that the experience of shopping with them is pleasurable and the outcome the customer wants is achieved." ----------

Billy Missouri

"I enjoy going in and picking out pieces for myself the most. However, it's nice having a wish-list on file, as well as a Jeweler that knows my personal taste, to help my husband pick surprise pieces. The staff will even send out gentle reminders to my husband that I have a a wish-list on file. The unique, custom jewelry and personal service are the best." ----------

Julie Missouri

"We enjoy the people, the expertise of the staff, and the quality of the product and experience in creating a custom piece that no one else will have! It's a thrill knowing you have created a unique heirloom!" ----------

Andrea Missouri

"I never fail to refer people planning an engagement or special occasion to Roemer Originals for jewelry. You have the finest selection of unique and traditional pieces in the area and I never have to question quality. I know when I shop with you I will be getting absolute satisfaction." ----------

Lisa Missouri

"Personal touch with great value. I like that no one is on commission....no pressure." ----------

John Texas